Broadly speaking my research has two main strands: 1) the use of outsourcing/offshoring on host and home economies and 2) innovation, R&D and firm survival.  My interest in enterprise began during my PhD which I carried out under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Crook at the University of Edinburgh (graduated 2002).  My PhD topic involved analysing data from a UK bank’s portfolio of new loans to enterprise and devising an application (credit) scoring model.

Since the completion of my PhD, I have been working with UK and German researchers in the area of innovation and the internationalisation of the firm.  Recently we have been examining how switching to web use affects the amount of international services outsourcing carried out using a matching framework.


Further work on effects of a firm’s international outsourcing comprises this second strand of my research.  Here I teamed up with Holger Görg (Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy) and Eric Strobl (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris).  We use firm level Irish data to answer questions such as whether buying in services and materials from international suppliers enhances a firm’s productivity.   More recently we looked at the mechanism through which internationalisation creates profits. These profits in turn can be ploughed into innovation and hence sustain international competitiveness.

Most of my research applies econometric tools in order to analyse micro level data.  This research, especially the work on outsourced services is of policy relevance and has been used by policy makers such as the European Commission and more recently CEPII (2008).





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